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Positions and Views of Mike Crapo
on Illegal Drugs & Marijuana
Currently Elected United States Senator, Idaho
Age: 64
Party: Republican Party of Idaho
Phone: 208.334.1776
Address: 251 East Front Street, Suite 205
Boise, ID 83702
Mike Crapo's positions and views on the issues:
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Illegal Drugs & Marijuana Positions and Views
Illegal Drugs, a General Statement

We have seen an explosion in the availability of illegal drugs and criminal activity in many parts of the country. We want our families to live in safe communities, attend schools where violence and illegal drugs have no place and patronize businesses that adhere to a code of ethics.

Source: (01/11/2011)


Meth is incredibly dangerous. Addictive after the first experience, the high is never as strong as the first time, requiring progressively more to achieve the same feeling. Furthermore, as we learn more about this terrifying drug, we are discovering that traditional drug rehabilitation is ineffective; meth requires much longer treatment--years, in fact.

Law enforcement, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, and state, county and local agencies are working around the clock to fight this monster of a drug. In the past five years, many home labs have been seized--good news for communities and for innocent children contaminated by meth, either from second hand smoke or through residue on furniture and rugs. The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare operates treatment programs around the state. Concerned individuals and organizations are forming local citizen task forces to meet the specific needs of their community.

Unfortunately, high seizure rates have sparked an increase in imported, concentrated meth from "superlabs," predominantly in Mexico. It reaches larger cities and is distributed to smaller communities around the state.

This must be dealt with at all levels: federal, state and local. This month, the federal government took additional steps to combat meth. Provisions in the newly-reauthorized Patriot Act include: -Major non-prescription drugs containing chemicals used in making meth must be kept behind the counter or in a locked cabinet. -There are new restrictions on mail order, Internet and flea market sales of these products. -Major meth precursor exporters and importers must report transactions and are held accountable for efforts to prevent diversion to meth production. -Funding has been authorized for cooperative efforts with Mexico to stop meth production there. -Federal penalties against meth traffickers and smugglers and those who who cook or deal meth in the presence of children have been strengthened. -The drug courts program is enh [Response was truncated to maximum response length of 2000 characters.]

Source: Candidate Website (10/02/2004)

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